Vets Helping Vets


Visions Outreach primary purpose is assist all past and present military personnel and the family, with services and resources that help them in civilian life. We realized that the Veterans have been targeted by every predator imaginable. Which is the main reason that VOR operates under spiritual principles that will enable us to practice the highest level of integrity possible. For we as Veterans have enough skills and backgrounds experience to create our own services, therefore learning how to becoming self-sufficient and helping each other. The transition from serving in the military to civilian life is a very difficult transition, therefore we need to unify and fortify our efforts by educating our selves on benefits and the other opportunities that are available. We fought for liberty and justice and the American dream, so why should we be the only ones that don’t live it. We are not victims and we will stand together in the face of all adversity shoulder to shoulder, because we are veterans.