Our Heroes

We proudly support the families of our military heroes! These heroes are the men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, Reserves and first responders!


Who We Serve

We serve families! Not only do the families of our Heroes get relocated away from their support network, they have the stress of wondering if their loved one is going to make it back alive. While the parents may have some choice about serving, the children generally don’t. Reservists and Guard members must endure long and unscheduled periods of active duty, a situation which places incalculable stress on their families. Additionally, military families face a unique combination of financial and emotional needs that are worthy of our time, attention, and support. Obviously, the stress and worry of wondering if mom or dad will make it home alive is overwhelming. But add to this the fact that new recruits don’t earn a lot of money, and it’s clear that financial concerns are also present. And the workload of the now single-parent is increased as well when the other is deployed overseas.

Obviously there is a need to help these military families. Because we are so thankful for the service of our heroes, we want to help their families and show our appreciation. We hope that their awareness of Military Family Support’s efforts to help their families will, in turn, help them feel better about serving our country and us.


How We Serve

We are very excited to bring a fresh approach to serving our communities and our country. A unique way we accomplish this, for example, involves the building of a nation-wide network of local information centers. These centers collect and organize information from city, county, and federal sources and make them accessible to military families. These resources include military base resources, help from public charities, and assistance from the individual branches of the military. Currently, this information is decentralized and hard to find. With your help and support, we plan to make this information available on this site!

In addition to helping families connect to existing sources of help, we will provide original education through digital programs delivered via the internet. We also intend to provide live seminars at various military bases and in the Nashville area. These programs will focus on helping families help themselves, with specific emphasis on programs and resources beneficial to their children.