Our Mission is to build a model consisting of a Holistic, Wellness and Comprehensive program that will provide Recovery, Housing, Jobs and Education for all military personnel past and present and their families. We will form partnership and collaboration with other nationally recognized groups and veterans agencies in an unified effort.


Visions Outreach Inc, is a nonprofit organization that provides supportive services to all military personnel both past and present, and their families. We assist them with services and resources for their overall sustainability in civilian life.


Visions Outreach goal is to partner with nationally recognized organization and agencies in a unified effort in bringing about self-sufficiency and sustainability for all military personnel both past and present, and their families.

VOR also recognize the need for families to get help as well  the dependence of widows and orphans of  disable veterans and service members.



Leonard Morgan server from 1979 to 1983 to in the US Army in Fort Ord, California 3rd of the 32nd Infantry Brigade as well as the 3rd of the 5th Infantry Brigade Fort Colby, Panama Central America where he worked in supply as well as in the armory.  Mr. Morgan has been in logistics for over 30 years and he saw how he could use his expertise to help veterans and their families to become self sufficient.









Ken Wellington is a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran who served in the U.S. Marines from 1966 to 1970. Ken was trained in Jacksonville, FL as an explosive-ordinance expert. He served in Chu Lie South Vietnam in 1968 in a support unit, building bombs of 250 lbs. and greater which were distributed to aircrafts. Ken was injured and sent back to the US spent 9 months in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. The balance of Ken’s military time was spent at Yuma air station where he was in charge of maintance of all training air craft